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November 10, 2008


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my warm up drink is a tall de-caf soy latte with vanilla shot. But I think I'm going to give your hazlenut one a try.

Miss Smith

Oh how sweet! A giveaway!
Hmmm, my favourite winter pep-me-up is a hot maple syrup, lemon, and ginger drink. Yummy.


Adorable bag! I think my favorite warm drink is mint herbal tea. MMMM! I drink it every morning!

lou and her chicken

oo the bag is lovely.
I'm a 'full on, pile on the calories' kinda girl!
Hot chocoalte with cream, a chocolate flake and marshmallows, and maybe some cocoa sprinkled on the top if I am feeling very naughty. Yummy! (Hey it's nearly xmas, so it's kind of allowed to spoil yourself!)


ah there is nothing like a giveaway for a delurk.... what a gorgeous bag... i must be the only drinker, mine is a gin and tonic or a singapore sling. not that you really need to warm up during a balmy singapore winter. :D

sherri s.

Lovely little bag--how nice of you to give it away! I love ALL hot beverages...it's hard to choose between hot chocolate and chai tea, but I think chai wins by a nose. Chai tea with lots of milk and sugar, by the way! Think I mosey off and make some right now!


I love chai, hot in the winter and cold in the summer!

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