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November 05, 2008


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Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions

Thank you SO MUCH for this post... now I don't feel all alone! A similar thing happened to my niece, so now she's afraid to eat ice cream too. It breaks my heart, yet I must admit - she's actually taught me a lot. As an owner of a catering and special event planning company, because of my niece, we now design custom menus for clients and/or their guests with food allergies. I tell you what... going through things with her has caused me to really sit up and take notice to the fact that this group of people really aren't offered a lot of options. Now knowing this, my mission is to do everything that I can to provide our food allergy clients with delicious and interesting menus just like we offer for everyone else. They deserve to have quality options too. I hope that your daughter gets past what's happened. And, thank you again for sharing your story which took away some of the guilt that I've been feeling all alone.


Poor kid. I know how she feels though, I am allergic to dairy, my nephew is allergic to egg, my husband is allergic to all fish and seafood. So far, so good with my 2 kids - but who knows?


Food allergies are so hard - so much of our day is guided by food, s much of our children's lives revolve around food.

I have a very good friend who has two boys both with severe food allergies - not just one food, but multiple food groups, and environmental allergens. their life is governed by food p- what they can and can't eat, where food is where they go to, what potential dangers there are in any given situation.

They have done enormous things for their children - but the best, and hardest gift they give is not hiding them away from food or situations which may be potentially harmful

Your little girl is just learning - she needs guidance to understand. And you will do that with love and care.

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