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April 23, 2009


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It is those days that they will take as special memories into their adulthood. My son is 27 and we recently talked about how he and I would cross stitch together when he was in primary school....how much he enjoyed it and how special it made him feel. It brought tears to my eyes. Our kids grow up so quickly....I'm nostalgic today because it is his birthday.


Your embroidered cakes are yummily scrumptous. Glad to see you had magical sharing holiday time with your fairies, sounds fun!!

Miss Behave

The cupcake is sooo yummy! I can't talk about special time with my kids because I don't have any, but I think I still know what you mean because I remember the time when I was crafting with my mum and granny. I loved it! And I totally understand what Sues son is saying: it really made me feel special. I just loved to spend time with them and doing "grown-up stuff" and everytime I finished something I was so proud of myself :)

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