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April 17, 2009


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Aunt Spicy

Wow! Each of those squares is lovely...and combined as a whole create such a beautiful quilt! All of your work is just lovely!


wonderful quilt!!!


What a fabulous story and a great "first" quilt!


Love your blog. Isn't it neat to be able to visit new blog friends via this Bloggers Quilt Festival?? You did a great job on the quilt.


Wow! I love it. I love quilts that bring back memories.


Wonderful quilt!


Great story and a lovely quilt. Nothing like memories made with a true friend.


I have to say the story of your quilt is wonderful. I feel the same, my quilting gives me time for myself, to create, without it being about the children (although many of them are for the children). You have a great friend :-) Oh, I do think the quilt is just beautiful as well, just was distracted at the story behind it. The border fabric is so stunning, really helps to highlight the blocks.


What a wonderful story. Glad you found 'yourself' again.
I agree that it makes you a better parent if you can regain a sense of self.


Wow! Love the different blocks! Looks like a TON of work!


Love the quilt and I can totally relate about quilting being a great way to maintain something of yourself with small children.


What a wonderful memory the quilt will always be. Quilting friends are the best!

Miss Behave

That's an awesome quilt and a great story to share! I love all the blocks they look like colored class windows. I wish you would go back to some print making, I bet it would be awesome. Go girl and hand print some fabric :)

Penny G

A beautiful quilt. My best friend loves purple and i imagine her curled in front of the fireplace with this lovely quilt.


Paloma - I love your quilt and your story, mine is very similar - 3 kids in 3 1/2 years - creative therapy is needed!!

Your quilt is beautiful and I'm so glad that we have "met" here in blogland :)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

That was me - sorry!

Bethany Frerichs

I had 3 kids in 3 years..LOL. I know exactly where you come from. I'm so glad you found quilting. It's way of reminding myself that I too have a place.


Its a beautiful quilt that celebrates a wonderful friendship between your friend and yourself. What a lovely story-
Thanks for sharing.


This is a lovely quilt and I love what it has done for you. Quilting has done a lot for the "me" that moms (like myself) sometimes lose. Thanks for sharing.

Tamara Lund

Great quilt, and great story. your friend is so right you can have time to be the most fantastic mother and know where you stand.


your quilt is lovely.


Lovely story. Quilting is about so much more than just quilting, isn't it?
I love the quilt.


Thank you everybody for stopping by and for your kind comments. XX


What a great tribute to friendship! And a lovely first quilt to boot! Thanks for sharing that with us.


I love your sampler quilt, it's so modern! I'm making similar quilts for my daughters at the mo, so I know how much work goes into each of those blockies!!! Well done!!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Wonderful bright colors. I love it.

*Staci *

I love the quilt. It's beautiful. I wasn't able to join the quilt festival this time. Maybe there will be another in summer I hope. :)


Thank you for sharing a story that many of us can relate to! The quilt is beautiful.

Sew Cal Gal

Absolutely beautiful. Very creative. Great use of color and design. Thank you for sharing.



Lovely quilt, and a wonderful story! It looks like you learned so many great techniques with all those sampler blocks too. Thanks for sharing!

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