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April 29, 2009


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What a proper little artist Ofelia is carrying her little notebook and crayons with her as she goes...too cute!!
As for her creation ed, what character he possesses..ooh the charm of those eyes!!! Well done Ofelia! You are very very talented!!! ;)


how old is she? 6? wow - he's so cool. I LOVE him. I think he'd make really cool gifts for her friends, and maybe her teacher too!

Kendall Micayla


Amy @ parkcitygirl

That's adorable!! such a good mommy to make him real :)


Wow! Definitivamente es una artista!
Me encanta Ed!
Lo hiciste igualito, las dos son igualitas de artistas.

Miss Behave

This is so friggin cute! First, you're an awesome mum for bringing Ed to live. Second, you did an amazing job and third: can I borrow Ofelia as a muse? :)

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