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April 07, 2009


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it's wonderful, I love it!!! I would say add another row, and then no border at all.
It really is beautiful.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Such a great quilt! And I hear you on parenting - my husband was noting last week how much more I baby our baby! He's 22 months and #4 -- but our last, therefore THE baby :)

I think a row of blocks would be nice, since you don't have scraps enough for a scrappy border - though a scalloped edge would be really cute too! Have fun deciding :)

Miss Behave

Wow just wow! I can't believe you pieced it all by hand! The top looks amazing so far. I think I would either go with another row or just just a white border so it stays clean and simple and really shows off the wheels. Any idea how you gonna quilt this one?

Kendall Micayla

It looks so pretty in that room! Its beatiful!
I would say add a small, thin white border with pink rickrack! ...I love rickrack!


love this scrappy bit of awesomeness~!!~ and i agree, it does look great in that room and on that bed. i also agree that a small, thin white border would be just right for this . . . i hadn't thought of the pink rick rack but dang, does that sound totally cute~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ and you can get it in some fairly large sizes so that might really work nicely~!!~
i too am wondering how you will quilt it . . . i would assume that if you did the top by hand you may also be doing hand quilting . . . this piece is certainly worthy of the time that would take if you made that choice.
what a lovely gem of a scrap quilt~!!~

i would also like to say that i REALLY like your blog~!!~ i am new to the whole blogging thing and learning new stuff every day so visiting your corner of blog world has been inspirational and fun~!!~


*Staci *

All I can say is wow. The colors are fantastic and I am in love with this pinwheel pattern. I would attempt one of these but I would most likely mess it up.

I wish I could help you but as a newbie at quilts I have no idea. I am sure whatever you decide to do will work out just fine. It goes great with the room. :)


Oh such a pretty quilt , I agree that one more row of wheels would do the trick . Simple is beautiful.

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