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May 28, 2009


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Cripes! you're right!! sewing does make you introspective but I think about all the things I WANT to do next mostly!!!!!
Don't know why????? but can't think of anything I'm missing right now!!!!


Thanks for making me stop and think... what I miss.
sweets from home that I can't buy in the US., metabolism like you, that for sure; time more time on hand to do my want to's not only the have to's.


Gosh, isn't it the truth? Those quiet moments arranging fabric pieces and chaining them together really allows for some introspective time.

I miss:
-- Grabbing the keys, getting in the car and going (instead of packing a bag, zipping up coats, searching for a lost shoe, asking one more time if anyone has to go to the bathroom, buckling everyone and everything in and keeping my fingers crossed I haven't forgotten anyone or anything.)

-- Spending hours curled up with a great book and a great glass (bottle?) of wine.

-- Sleeping in (past 8am).

-- Wondering who I'll be instead of questioning who I am.

All that being said, I wouldn't change a thing about my life right now. :)

(Most days, anyway!!)

Can't wait to see how this quilt turns out.


*Staci *

I miss having the energy I used to have. And the free time I had before I started working.

I love your eye spy quilt. Maybe I will be able to make one sometime in summer. :)

Kendall Micayla

i miss a lot.
i miss my friend,
my time,
too much to write here.

Nina - Tabiboo

I just wanted to pop along and say 'Hello' and thank you for your lovely comment - it's really nice to meet you.

I miss 'oh' sleep has to come first and a peaceful home where a little person is not saying 'mummy' or 'why' every 30 seconds.

Plus being able to finish a glass of wine without falling asleep - there are lots more, but 'hey ho' I guess I just go with the flow!

take care and have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

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