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June 15, 2009


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Great job on the recycling! I have the Heather Ross Book too and if I'm going to make one thing from that book it'll be the PJ trousers too! The long version that is. First make a small one for the youngest, see how that goes, because my sewing skills are not that great.


Great job, TKF! I congratulate you on your creativity, enterprise, and commmittment not only to survival in a really bad economy, but also to the environment. Making old clothes into something else helps the planet as well, so WAY TO GO and keep the great ideas coming!


Well done you, the shorts look fab and I bet your girls love them. You should see the smirks I get from my husband when I'm making some of my stuff!! I say life's more fun when you use your imagination!


What a good idea! I usually 'recycle' my husband's old shirts in quilts, but this is great too!


Great job! What a nice way to repurpose the shirts. I'll have to take a look at Weekend Sewing again soon. I tried making the summer tunic from the book and really didn't like the way it turned out. I think that sorta turned me off to trying some of the other patterns in the book.


fantastic! They look better than regular store bought PJs!


I love it! They look so comfy!


Great project!
Is a good way to re-use the old T-shirts. I think I will try it!
Giveaway is open to international readers? If so please count me in.
Thanks for the opportunity :D


*Staci *

This is a fantastic idea. They look perfect with the shirts.
I have that book and want to try so many projects from it but haven't even tried one yet. The shorts may be the first. :)

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