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June 01, 2009


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Funny how I always think of the British as tight-lipped and straight compared to other Europeans. But you're right we do have a comical sense of Roalddahlesque vocabulary together with a good line in self deprecation and innuendo.
As for Haberdashery, love that word, in every way!


I totally agree with Aneela!
Haberdashery has always been one of my favourite words, it's a nonsensical word, notions seems far more appropriate. Knickers is another one I love - underpants, or panties would seem far more sensible. Knickers sounds so much more like fun, less necessary. A bit like notions versus haberdashery.

Have you heard Stephen Fry speak? You'll find him on you tube,he recently did a road tour of America, chatting to people on his journey and it was lovely. He's so English, he uses words I have never even heard of, and is frightfully posh. I think you'd like him.

As for your English, it's wonderful - you would never know it's your second language.


I love to listen to audio books and most especially love it when the author is British. I love how they enunciate words like schedule and laboratory that we flatten.

Nina - Tabiboo

In response to Cindra's comment if you like audio books then you must try the 'Just William' collection read by Martin Jarvis - the stories are hilarious and the 'proper' Queens English way of speaking is utterly wonderful!

take care,

Nina x

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