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June 11, 2009


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Yay! Lovely giveaway. My favourite teacher was my oldest daughter's Kindergarten teacher Ms Henshelwood. She was so sweet and kind for my daughter who didn't speak a word of english when she started out (we're dutch) and did so well in the rest of the year!

*Staci *

Those baskets are adorable. I love the patchwork.
My favorite teacher was Ms. Hall, my home economics teacher in my junior high school.
She started my love/obsession for sewing and I will never forget her for that. I still have the quilt I made in her class. :)

Kendall Micayla

i love the colors! they are so pretty together.
my favorite teacher was mr mcbride, he was my eighth grade history teacher. he taught it differently- he loved it. he told it politically, like a storyteller, and put it into our perspective so we understood everything that went on.
he was fun.
thank you for this giveaway... im crossing my fingers!

Kathy Jackson

I love your baskets they are such happy springy fabrics. My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher. Her name was Mrs Helms she was so kind and wonderful. She lived close to me so I used to pick her big bouquets of daffodils and leave them for her.Daffodils are still my favorite spring flower.


I have loved many teachers, I liked them so much that I became a primary teacher too. I can't find a favorite teacher... Maybe the one who taugh me to read, she was so kind.
Thank you for the giveaway!

Linda Sibley

Beautiful baskets! My favourites were my art teachers - all of them. As you can tell it was my best subject!!



Yummy baskets! yummy fat quarters! yummu chocolate!!! Do I want some, Oh yes!
I liked all my teachers at school, We were always moving so I had so many teachers when I was little that I really don't remember their names but once when we were moving house and it was my last day of school, my teacher actually took a ring off her finger and gave it to me!!!! I used to pretend it was my engagement ring. I was only about seven so unfortunately I actually lost it not long after!


Oh that's easy, my son's preschool teacher. We've just left her after 2 years and she has become a friend. Can't wait to have her again for my daughter.


That is such a great giveaway - I want in!!!!

My favourite teacher was Mrs Massey, she taught me when I was 6 years old, and she was the kindest, sweetest old lady ever. She also loved animals, so I learned more about nature from her than anything else (or that's how I remember it!)

I hope Ofelia is better soon - it's summer now, time to play!!!


The little basket is such a cutie! Love it!
My favorite teacher was my 8th grade English teacher Mr. Snyder. He liked to read my poetry and as a young teenage girl in the midst of adolescent angst, I wrote a lot of it! LOL!
karen in Indiana


My favourite teacher (excluding university professors) was my high school band teacher. She treated us like adults if we acted like it, and she took us on some fun field trips.


These baskets are adorable. Love your color choices. My favorite teacher...wow, that has been a really long long time ago for me. So, I'm not thinking about school, but someone I've known even longer - my mother. She taught me to sew on a treadle sewing machine when I was in grade school and I've been sewing since. She was a great teacher about all things in life and still is at 91!

Cathy Reaney

The baskets are adorable! I love that you made them with what ever was at hand.
My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher Mrs. Reynolds. She really instilled the love for reading. I still keep in touch with her. I also love my daughter's preschool teacher. Miss Mary is such a blessing. Not only does she love her job, but she is great at it. I have no idea where she gets her well of patience, but it is much deeper than mine.

I hope Ofelia is feeling better soon. It is no fun to miss the last week of school


This one is easy! hands down my favorite teacher, Mr. Goertz...5th grade. He made learning fun. I had struggled before I met him and I continued to struggle after I left him but for one year...I felt intelligent.

Anita in Florida

Love your baskets...so bright and cheery! My favorite teacher was my English teacher, Mr. Brisson, in 6th grade. It's a wonder I can even remember that long ago!!!


Lovely baskets! Great idea for a gift :)
My favorite teacher was Miss Elizabete, my Portuguese teacher in 6th grade. Thanks for the giveaway :)


My favorite teacher was Miss Katia. She was really sweet and kind to me. I miss her ^^

The basket is adorable! Thanks a lot!!!


My favorite teacher was my freshman year english teacher Mr. Reilly.
Not only did he make learning not seem like learning but he wore skinny ties and converse-way cool.


I hope your little one is all better and I love those polo shirt pj pants. :D

I have 2 teachers who have equally influenced my life. The first was Sr Therese who believed that experience was the key to learning and influenced the way I approach challenges. We still send each other birthday and Christmas cards, despite the fact that I haven't seen her for 18 years. The second was my year 12 Japanese teacher Helen who is another friend whom I've had the pleasure of working and crafting with. She has helped shape my teaching career in many ways. But all my teachers were special as they all made my life richer in one way or another.

Thank you for your giveaway.


My fav teacher is my hubby! He's a new high school math teacher after years in accounting. And the good news is that he loves it! Lucky kids :)

Sharon in FL

The baskets are so cute!! What a fun idea to make from scraps. Just found your blog - I'll be back! Oh, and my favorite teacher was my 7th & 8th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Gerdes. He made history interesting and I still enjoy it to this day - though it's tough to choose between the History Channel and Food Network! Great giveaway...thank you!!


My fave teacher was Mrs. Graham..my photography teacher in HS. She was awesome. Learning how to develop pics in the darkroom was so fun. Also, in the art hall there was a vending machine and she would let us get up when we wanted to get a snack or go out in the hallway to make videos with her digital camera


My goodness, how did I miss this! Such cute baskets, and a great giveaway! My favorite teacher was Mr. Mauldin in the 3rd grade. I went to a really small school, and the 3rd and 4th graders were all in the same classroom taught by the same teacher. He was really great.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

My favorite teacher - Mr. Bressan, High school history. He made you think about the history and he was a bit of history himself - total hippie :) Learning was always fun in his classroom!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I should say! Your baskets are adorable! I've been so behind or I would have been here sooner :)


Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

My favorite teacher was my high school English teacher Mrs. Clark. She was very passionate about teaching and it showed in how much she cared for all her students.


I had many special teachers but my favorite teacher was Mrs. Heigle, in 3rd grade. That was such a long time ago, but she really was a special lady, and I guess she made all of her students feel special too. Thanks for the giveaway.


Oh I love the baskets, they are so pretty!
I would love to enter your give away, and I hope you all are feeling better now!

To tell about my favorite teacher would take way more space than I have here. Mr Lally was one of my H.S. Teachers, He helped me throught two of the hardest years of my life after I was molested by my father at age 16. Mr. Lally was always there for me to talk to. He never tried to take advantage of a lost girls, (as some would suspect) But was always understanding when I needed to expell the horrors of my life. I don't know if he is still alive, he is most certianly retired by now. He will probably never know how much he helped just by listening.


What a lovely summer giveaway! I've just discovered you via I'm a Ginger Monkey and really enjoyed getting to know you (and your work) over my cup of latte! My favourite teacher was Mr. Anthony (grade 6 and 8). He taught me fine art and actually scored my first commission at age 12. I still send him Christmas cards 30 years later. I loved how he made all of us awkward, hormone-infused tweens feel like real artists by framing all of our work before it went home. Thanks! Krista

Liz B

Your children's teachers appreciate it! I just finished the school year (I am currently a substitute teacher because I can't find a full time job, they say the baby boomers will be retiring from teaching soon, but they were saying that when I graduated from college in 2002!) and was so sad to see how many teachers ended the year on a stressful note. You are so kind to take the time to show those teachers how they matter to your child's life!
My best teacher (the answer should be my dad, who was my 8th grade teacher as well as my constant teacher, but that's too easy) was Mr. Goding in 6th grade. I think he wasn't really trained to teach sixth grade, but he did the best he could. He loaned me a copy of a book he had enjoyed, which I connected with in lots of ways. Primarily, it was the first time that any adult had treated me as a peer; here is this grown-up book that you, a kid, can read and understand and might like. It forever changed my reading habits, my self confidence, my outlook on my teachers and other readers...oh how that one simple act changed me! I loan or give books to my students often, trying to give them that same feeling of worth and maturity and connection, and there have even been times when I've been thrilled to have a student recommend a book to me!
Thanks very much for the chance at your giveaway, but thanks more for appreciating teachers.


I'm sure i already commented but it doesn't show up! Oh well!
Thanks for such a gorgeous giveaway! My favourite teacher was Mrs Langston in year 8. She told me I would be New Zealand's first female Prime Minister, bought me a special prize at the end of the year and inspired me to become a teacher myself. An inspirational woman, even if the PM thing didn't come true - I am the co-leader of a small family instead!

Shelley C

I think my favorite teacher would have been Mrs. Daigle. She was my 4th grade teacher. Very strict, but I learned so much in her class. She was the one that turned me on to the 'Little House' books. I sat next to the bookcase and would stare at all of her books. One day I asked if I would like to read any of them. She suggested the Little house books. None of the other kids would read them because they had no pictures, but I was enthralled and not intimidated by thick books...I still love to read and I give her the credit.


My most memorable teacher was my 11th grade biology teacher. He used to dress up like Gregor Mendel (like a monk) and teach us about fruit flies. Totally cool guy. He was the first person to tell me I was smart. It meant alot to me since I hated school up until then!

BritChickNY (angie)

Oh, the basket is so cute, what a great gift!
Oh boy, school is so far in my past! LOL! Hm, my favorite teacher? Well MR H was my violin teacher and he wore corduroy jackets with the leather patches on the elbows and what appeared to be then were two left sandals but looking back I think they were Birkestocks! Now remember, this was in the 70's!!
I still have my violin but ashamed to say I don't play it very often.


I love the little basket and your give away. My favorite teacher was my second grade teacherMrs Janssen, she was so nice lady. I moved to an other school and she became my teacher.


Your baskets are really good. My favourite teacher was in primary school; Mrs. McMorran. I loved her to bits. I was always calling her 'mum' to my shame as the class would always laugh. She showed so much interest in me when life was a little tough with my family. I was lucky enough to have her for 2 years. At first she was my reception class teacher (aged 5), then my 3rd year teacher (aged 7). Even when I was really naughty, she'd always forgive me. She caught me in some very uncompromising situations! She gave me confidence in myself and my abilities. The best teacher in the world!


PS: I've added you to my blog list. Great blog and lovely photos.


Hmmm... Mr Bruen in first grade b/c he taught me to read... Mrs Young, the librarian, for encouraging that hobby... Mr Sudik made classical music a lot of fun... Mr Purcell for psychology... Carol Reilly for Interior Design and American Decorative Arts..

I've been blessed with some truly great teachers over the years!


Hi, Well I thought I had entered your give away, but I do not see the comment I had left. I do love the cute little baskets and would love to be entered, so I am hoping it is not to late to leave a new comment.

My favorite teacher, I have had many, the one I remember the most is Mr. Lalley, He was the teacher I could talk to when I just needed some one to listen to me as a kid in a bad situation. He was a great teacher and a great person.

Sonja van Arem

How I love this giveaway! And thanks for the suggestion, I will make my sons teachers a basket as a thank-you-for-the-schoolyear present!


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