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August 31, 2009


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Wow! We have so much in common! I feel like this could've been a post about my family last week. We dropped off my little sister at college last week. She too is the youngest of four (two older brothers, one older sister). My parents are happy to finally have an empty house! :) Unlike the rest of us, she's going to school close to home though...so I think my parents aren't feeling the empty nest as much. And yes, though we are as different as can be, I think she totally rocks. :)

Amy - parkcitygirl

Cute picture of the two of you! Love the animal prints and coasters - great fun :)


I love the coasters. And I can't tell which is the younger sister. You are both beautiful


love the coasters~!!~

i'm always jealous to hear about sister sibling relationships because i had two brothers ~ i'm pretty sure that it's a unique bond that should be treasured~!!~


p.s. you certainly are a natural beauty~!~


you are both beautiful! what a sweet post!

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