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August 02, 2009


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What a great day. We have promised to take Grace down to London over the summer to see the Jeff Koons exhibition - she is a HUGE fan of modern art, which makes me so happy.
We've had a little trouble with her this summer, overreacting and throwing her arms in the air whenever anything is said to her. Mostly I try to ignore it, she is almost 10 so I think we must be hitting that hormone stage, but sometimes I have to walk away and scream in my head. I do lose my temper, but if I walk away, and scream to myself so she can't hear me, the mood soon lifts and we have our normal girl back. I think girls are just more complex than boys, ask Jose if he agrees - he lives in a house full of women, so he must be an expert by now!


I don't have any kids so I can't comment. But I do come from a large family and am always surprised that even growing up in the same family, we all turned out so completely different. My mom also often comments on this phenomenon. It seems more noticeable to her now that we've all (more or less) grown into our adult personalities.

I think it's great that you're exposing your children to art at an early age.


OOh you make me feel quite lazy! I love how you are exposing your children to art at such a young age!!! No wonder you are all bursting with creativity!
As for the issues, you know that is a subject very close to my heart at the moment. I'm trying to deal with the bad as well as the good and then some days everything just clicks and you haven't done anything different at all!!! I think I may just try to stop making sense of it all, I can't see a cure anywhere on the horizon!!

Amy - parkcitygirl

What a fun outing, and memorable too! Mine all have gone through different times of testing the limits - be consistent is the best advice I have :)


what a wonderful outing this looks to have been~!!~ such great exposure and awesome that they feel comfortable and inspired in this environment~!~
nothing like this available in my childhood due to being raised in such a rural environment and with parents who were more involved in just getting by than in creativity and art . . .
the other "issues" although troubling will almost surely resolve as they should and clearly you are an observant mother with love in your heart. a bright and happy home/family is often the cure to so very much~!!~ and yours seems to be full of the brightest happiness~!!~


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