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October 21, 2009


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Do you really love the centre? (Incidentally, I completely do!!!)
If so, then take the border off and go buy something you really love!!!
You can still use the border pieces elsewhere.
I agree with you. Love the centre. Love the border.
Just not together!!
Hope this helps.
Andi :-)


I really love the centre. I wonder if you can bind it in the same bright red to bring it out. But I agree with Andi, take the border off and find something else. The centre is too nice to spoil and I'm not liking the border!! (I subscribe to your blog by RSS feed and have been 'lurking' for ages!!)


Such a beautiful quilt! I think either take the border off as suggested above, or maybe swap the green squares for cream or white... I know that feeling of not having complete satisfaction over something you were looking forward to loving..! The centre is absolutely lovely...and you can still rethink the border...so you may end up loving the new outcome...the beauty of creative design - sometimes it surprises us! Hope that helps...! :)


Another suggestion is to add another (solid) border in a red that matches the center blocks. I agree: change it if you don't love it.


Just add more borders. More red and white/cream around the outsides, more something with greens/browns/reds for the final border and binding.


I'd add more borders. Bring out the red again and maybe a small strip of white. Then brown for binding. It'll look fabulous!


Love the center, change the border. I agree with Andy. Great work nonetheless!

kendall micayla

its so beautiful, im no quilting expert- but i think if you arent completely happy with it... try something else!

Gail Garvey

I have some of the quiltmaker border fabric-2.5 yds. Do you want to swap?

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