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October 28, 2009


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i love it!


It's simply...sweetly...beautiful!

Amy - parkcitygirl

It's adorable! Your partner is lucky!!


soo cute!! i'm sure your parter will LOVE it!!

kendall micayla

is so pretty, i love the colors you chose. the flag banner that says joy is so cute!

*Staci *

It's beautiful. I love the different fabrics you chose for the flags. You should make more of these patterns they are so cute. Your partner will love it for sure.
I need to try embroidery again. My first 2 attempts did not turn out so well. :)

Pom Pom

Oh, so simple and SWEET! I love delicate little pretties like yours!


Oh no - your etsy says it's sold out - and I love it!

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