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January 14, 2010


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Miss Paula

She is darling! So cute and I like CUTE things!!!

I like the movie Miss Potter so this is extra cute!!!


I just love that embroidery pattern....If you share it that would be nice but in the same time, I wouldn't want you to be in trouble....


Oh so cute! Would love to have the pattern, but don't know about the copyright thing? Hope you can figure out a way though.

My 1st Bambina !

How lovely !!! I like your hand embroidered version better than the one in the book !!! Super Cute !!!

Teresa Rains

I would like to have the pattern.It is precious. Thank you, Teresa

Teresa Rains

Go to youtube with erica wilson and see hunka munka embroidery!!!!! I am working on that now.If i figure out how to do it I will share.
I tried to buy pattern but it cost $275 dollars WHEW! I can't afford that. Teresa


Interesting crewel embroidery rendering of Hunka Munka. I wonder how's that they get to sell the pattern if it's a copyrighted image. I used an image form a book and used in a quilt for myself.
I'd love to take a look at your Hunka Munka embroidery.

Teresa Rains

I didn't embroidery it. I am working on how to figure out how to work out the pattern. Then get someone to stamp it on my canvas.I would like to get the embroidery pattern that someone offered. Thanks, Teresa

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