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January 22, 2010


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Paloma, this looks wonderful. I love all the linen squares in it. The inside is a nice little surprise too. I can't wait to move and be able to unpack my books, fabric, and sewing machine and start making fun projects again. Hopefully soon.
Have a great weekend!
~Staci :)


This gorgeous! I got that book at Christmas and it's full of wonderful things. I haven't made anything yet but this has inspired me to get it and and start making!


I have that book too - so far I have just drooled all over it and not made anything!
I LOVE the pouch though, so that might be my first make too!


I love the colors you choose. It looks very nice. One practical question : where do you have your labels done ???




I love this book. I am itching to make something from it.


Maybe I should grab a copy too! After my confinement, I'll start sewing again! Two quilts for my two lovely kids first.:)

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