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January 29, 2010


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Venus Perez

Ooooh... I love the tops! The colors on the yellow shirt makes me smile. :)


Those t-shirts are fantastic!!!! I have been trying to get around to something like this - but alas, i probably never will.

Dee Mallon

really love the shirts!! esp. the landscape, b/c of my long love affair with houses (even teeny houses like these) -- questions -- did you put anything on back of shirt to stabilize? and, how did you secure chips of fabric before machine-stitching? I work at this scale a lot and have come to enjoy it -- at this point, having abandoned glue (b/c I don't like to drive a needle through it) I only use pins... also, I don't work with the finished layout -- first,I lay out design, then take off top layers and place, nearby and in order, so I can easily replace, and stitch from bottom-layer up. But, I work on cotton, with batting, which doesn't move around like t-shirt jersey -- maybe that's the real rub, not the scale?
just a few thoughts.
happy birthday to your five year old!!! (I remember those days...)

Alia Ghulam

Hola! I love, love, love the idea of the T-shirts! I'll have to read up on it to see if I can do something similar over here. Happy happy to your little fairie!!

Abrazos de el Medio Oriente


Very cute embellishments! It's amazing what a few scraps and some good ideas can accomplish.


Estan de lo mas CUTE, y estoy segura que a ella le encantaron!!!! Bellisimas!

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