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April 01, 2010


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what a perfect pillow - and a fantastic idea!
So you can attach the strap to the head rest at the back of her seat, right? So it doesn't slip? I'm going to have to store that in my little brain, it might be a perfect idea for my 2 when we go for a trip in June.

amy ( sew~amy)

so sweet.


very cute~!~ it came together so well and she will be so much more comfortable now.
i love looking at your work~!~


Venus Perez

absolutely, no doubt, too cute!!!


i love how you put all these fabrics together!

Dee Mallon

adorable and clever!

My 1st Bambina !

Super Cute and Unique ! Love the embroidery and how well all the fabrics go together !

A certain 9-year old

Thank you for the pillow Mami! It really worked for the trip to D.C.!


This so cute. My daughter thinks its great too...loving the russian doll fabric.

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