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September 28, 2010


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Venus Perez

Aaaack!!! I LOVE IT! Awesome job!!!

What's in the center? A button? I like the doily. AH! I just love it all!


I love this! I need to make a couple for my kids to use in my sewing room. What did you use to stuff them?


Love this!!! Will you be putting out a tutorial???

Alia Ghulam

Wow! This is G R E A T!! Make a pattern and sell it on your Etsy!!


Thank you Alia!

Sounds like a good idea!



You reall do take good pictures. I love what you have done here. Let me know if you do a tutorial and I'll link to you.


Wow! I love it!


Esta precioso!!!!!!! avisame de a como van a ser eh? esta de lo mas lindo comodo, decorativo, original, en fin sencillamente precioso.
WOW! me encanto.

Liz H

this is DARLING! i love it! what is it stuffed with?

Mandy Hilaire

Please, please, please would you consider making the pattern available in your Etsy store? I want to make 3 for my little ones!

Jan H.

LOVE this! What did you use to stuff it???


Thank you!! I used lots of pollyfill. I wish I had a natural option at the moment but it is what it is.

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