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March 01, 2011


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you seem so grounded and such a very good mother.

. . . is it the time of year? because i've been doing a lot of soul searching and "measuring" of myself and my goals too . . . like you i was a mother first and loved that. i also had expectations that i might find more time for my creative self when the chick flew the nest. and i do but now i must accept that my health does and will slow me down. such a difficult thing for me to have so much breathing room and so little energy to fill it.
i ask myself what my lesson is and can only guess that i've been given the time to move slowly through my life in order to better enjoy every second . . . with eyes wide open and a gladly receiving heart.

love that thought: "maybe if i stop swimming against the currents, i will finally enjoy the process of becoming me."



accepting yourself. loving yourself..is for sure and for many of us a daily battle....


This hits home. I think everyone thinks, I'm going to do/be this..." When it doesn't happen we tend to get unhapppy and maybe angry. Accepting the amazing role of Mommy is probably the hardest thing you can do. It requires that you lose yourself a bit. But I think in that losing, you find out who you are more than you could anywhere else.

Liz H

this is beautiful. being a full-time mom is NOT easy!

Brenda C.

Once, while complaining to a friend about "not enough me time" she smiled and stated " there are seasons to life and this is your season to be a mother, enjoy it. Thus, I made peace with myself and am ok with not being able to do everything I want to do when I want to do it. I'm much happier too!!

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