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June 28, 2011


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Sarah McG

What a lovely giveaway, thank you!

I love the site www.oneprettything.com. It gives a selection of the best craft tutorials from loads of different blogs. So you get lots of inspiration and you discover new blogs!

I follow you on Facebook so can I have 2 entries please? TY!

Nicole FollowtheWhitebunny

I'm here, I'm here! I think you know many of the blogs I visit as well. If I can give a non crafty twitter tip; I always enjoy the tweets of Stephen Fry. But if you don't know him at all it might not be as much fun...I find most 'celebrities' on Twitter rather boring actually but there are a few exceptions! Oh and you can always check on Twitter who I follow to find new tweeps!

Cristy Davies

The stuff I follow is embroidery stuff mostly:
www.lotsofneatstuff.com (mine, but I would love it if you took a look ;)

And, I am following you on Twitter!


I follow lots of stay at home mommies. =) Both in the blog world and in twitterland. I hope you follow me! Ima gonna find you real quick. AND Im just learning to embroider. =) FUN!


I'm a quilter who loves embroidery (and knitting). Embroidery is the perfect take-along project! If you haven't already, I recommend you go check out http://www.welovefrenchknots.com/
It's BariJ's new site that's launching later this month, all about embroidery. I'm off to go find you on Twitter!


Here are two blogs I recently discovered and fell in love with:



I also love this one:



PS I am following you on FB. :)

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