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July 21, 2011


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i love this. i predict you will start a clamshell craze!! i already have my copy in my cart on amazon!

Liz H

this is so cool. i have a TON of scraps. when i get back, come on over and see if any of them interest you!!


these are sweet.


oh this does look wonderfully fun and i can already see that yours is going to be beautiful~!!~



found this. love the pic
she has a few posts on her quilt


Thank you Liz! That will be really awesome! this quilt need a wide variety of prints. Say hi to your family!!


Thank you Libby!! Im really excited about this project, I hope to have hundreds of these soon, so that I can start putting them together.


Thank you Susan! Its a lovely quilt, I see that some solids in the mix really make the print fabric pop out.


I am going to start a clamshell quilt, too, Paloma. How are you handling the freezer paper? Do you iron it on before cutting them out? Have you made two different templates-one for cutting and one for basting? I have read so many clamshell patterns, my head is spinning from all the instructions.

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