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November 16, 2011


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Liz H

excited to hear about how things go in argentina! please keep us posted with lots of photos!!

Crochet dude

God bless!

Kathy F

Wishing you safe travels and an easy, but exciting time settling in Argentina. Hope the blog and the wonders of the web will help you remain closely connected with your friends and family.


Las quilteras argentinas, encantadas! ;) Espero que tengas buen viaje y cuenta conmigo.


Espero logres relajarte pronto, bienvenida a Argentina!!


Best wishes, Paloma. Wouldn't it be nice if we could always take our dear friends and loved ones with us? I've never moved countries, but I have moved from the Midwest to the Southern Coast to New England and back to the Midwest (three locations there) and left behind dear people at each and every place.


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!! This is a very special day for us, and your words brighten my day.
Mil gracias por sus dulces comentarios!! este es un dia muy especial para nosotros y sus palabras lo hacen aun mas especial.


Dios va con ustedes junto con nuestros corazones. Mucho exito!
Gracias a las quilteras argentinas por sus lindas palabras para ti.


Safe journey!! Can't wait to see what you create on the other side.

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