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February 21, 2012


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Venus Perez

Paloma, these sachets are beautiful! Good luck on those bugs...


Thank you Venus!!


These are completely cute.... your girls will use them forever.

When my Mum died I found all the little sachets of lavender I'd made her over the years, and brought them home to my own clothes drawers. Sprinkled with some extra lavender oil, they are as good as new and bring back so many memories.

Relocation to another country where you look and sound like a local... but aren't.... will be challenging for a long time, Paloma. Keep smiling!

Cristy Davies

I make sachets with a combination of lavender and patchouli. I like the smell. Moth balls are yuck!


How lovely Salley! I didn't know lavender sachets can last for very long. About the relocation, it's true, and frustrating at the same time that I look like the locals and speak the language but still I'm not from here. I'm smiling though :) you see?


Hi Cristy, I've heard of different lavender and herbs combinations. I should try the patchouli as well. Thanks for letting me know.XO

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