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March 30, 2012


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This is soo cute - thank you for this tute!!
I had today the idea to start some kind of Dear Jane Quilt ... but didn´t want to make it exactly the original patterns ... I think I´ll start with your tiny blocks ...
You chose lovely fabrics for this!


I adore tiny blocks! I need to make these this weekend!!


A Dear Jane quilt is a lovely idea Monika!! I'll be waiting to see your tiny blocks, they're so much fun. Thank you for visiting 3KF and for your comment.


Yay!! I hope you get to make some blocks this weekend Katie. Please share them with us!! Thanks for your comment :)


Mwoar hwaor. Spit (envy) .......... your work is so beautiful.
Such divine colour choices Paloma. Tiny, gorgeous, beauty.


LOL, thanks Salley!

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