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April 26, 2012


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Hola, and thank you for your post. I know what you mean about being authentic - where you draw the line at what you post to your blog is something we all have to answer for ourselves. I too resist the temptation to vent on my blog, even though it came about as a result of people losing their lives in the Feb2011 earthquake that struck my city. Some days I think I don't vent because that's not what I wanted my blog to be about. Other days it is because, like you, I always feel better when I blog and when I read other blogs by wonderful people like you. The blog space is my inspiration place, where I gain strength, where I get excited, where I marvel at the talents of others, where I brag about what's good in life - it's my happy place, and I don't want to taint it. Other days I think I don't vent because I am afraid if I do I will not stop and I would hate to burden others with my troubles. So, no judgements, your blog is your baby and you should feel free to say or not say anything you want. It sounds like you are going through a tough time. Thank goodness children are resilient. I look after a whole bunch of teenagers who are living away from home and homesickness is very hard on everyone. But it always passes, always. Especially if there is a creative outlet at hand. Hang in there. x


Thank you for being so honest. Having moved our children away from everything they knew to a different country I have a small idea of what you are going through. Hang on in there - it will get better. xxx


I know what you mean. I try to keep my blog as my "happy place". I share a little more than just crafting. I write about our garden, and some of our little life successes and family times. But, I figure other people don't want to read about the not so good stuff. Also, you have to be careful when you live in a small town and everyone knows everyone.... Focusing on the positive is something that I'm trying to do in my daily life and the blog and flickr help with that. My daily photos have been a HUGE help in keeping that positive vibe. Still, I feel like by blog is a "get to know the artist" sort of place. I think, in general it is. It is nice to know, though, that everyone in "blogland" has real lives and real struggles. Sometimes I feel like it's all rosy for everyone and I wonder what's wrong with me.... Balance. That's what we need.


It's reassuring to know that life is just a big juggling act not only for me. I'm glad we have the opportunity to share as much as we feel comfortable through our blogs, and other social media. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post with me.
Lynn: the pictures you post in your blog are always so beautiful. I love visiting it, they do transmit a peaceful and positive vibe.


love what lynn has to say and strongly agree that it's probably about balance more than anything . . .

i don't mind hearing what is 'honestly' going on when i read blogs but i do have a very hard time posting much about the unhappy or more difficult things on my own blog. sometimes i want to post about my MS and the various difficulties that it presents me with but fear that others will then be leaving me "charitable" comments rather than genuine ones . . .
it is hard to know sometimes just what to reveal and what not to.

it must be extremely difficult at times for you in your new environment. i know that the american culture and societal norms are not the same as in other countries. not to mention the physical differences that have to be adjusted to. my daughter had to deal with this a lot while in honduras and i can remember thinking that it's a good thing she's young and resiliant. what she learned was to be as relaxed and graceful as possible despite having inner frustrations in any given situation. this continues to benefit her even now that she's back in the states.

i admire you and your girls for making the move/adventure and know that you will all come through it having learned so much about yourselves just as my daughter did.
in the meantime, feel free to post onto your blog whatever YOU would like there and let your readers sort themselves out accordingly. in the end you(and your readers)will possibly all be a happier group.

. . . now, if i could only take my own advice.



Moving in different countries, meeting different cultures is my life, our lives actually because we have 3 boys. And it is not always easy...
Blogging is in some way to be in touch with my friends, with you in Argentina, but mainly also it is like a diary...and I think, for me, it is a way to look at the bright side of the life when I'm down, Not saying that I am smiling all the time but sometimes looking back in the blog's pages sweetens my sadness, and calm me down until I'm well again..
So hang in there, I swear that, at some point, things do get better and easier. And it will be hard to go away when it will be time. That is a promess...From here to you.....


Paloma..some positive thoughts from your bloggy friends! SOme days will be good other days will be awful and the see-saw-ing is so exhausting. The world is going so global and many of us relate to your relocation issues. Your kids WILL be fine...even if they they seem grumpy..it is really important you feel happy and not pretend happy. Keep up your blogs... we all admire you! x

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