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May 29, 2012


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i love seeing your hand stitches and this looks like it's turning into a beautiful piece~!

i love the idea of upcycling the t-shirts even though it's not the type of fiber most of the traditional quilting information leads/instructs us to use.
it looks as though you probably don't have to worry about turning under a seam allowance as these fibers are unlikely to fray . . . i'd love to hear more about the process on this quilt as it relates to stretchy knit fibers~!
i notice that you have a lot of layers in various places. is this difficult to stitch through? is there a batting? or a backing?
so many questions~! lol



it's interesting that you recently posted a "monday inspiration" post about using solid colors . . . this is a beautiful example of doing that as well~!



Thank you Libby for your visit and your comments Libby. You're right, this is another way to work with solids. I think this project is far from the conventions of quilting although it somehow looks like a quilt, the hand stitches makes it look like as quilt as well.
I think I should post more about the details of it. There's so much to say about it but since I'm more of a images kind of person, I always think that a long post may be a bit too much.


Wow I wouldnt touch stretchy stuff EVER!! You are amazing . .cant wait to see how it all goes.

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