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May 24, 2012


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Crochet Dude

Awesome post, so true!!! Thanks Paloma!


Easy to stay in a rut isnt it! Hope the cooler weather and shorter daylight will get you snuggling inside. Quilting time ahead!


Thanks dude!!


You're right Salley. So far so good, we (the hubs and I) are re-discovering the pleasures of bedtime stories. And the girls are so happy about it. Thanks for your comment!!


ironically, i had second thoughts about watching the video as i have so much to do today.
i'm so glad that i did and although i have slowed the pace of my life down considerably over the past few years, i need to think about doing and even better/slower job of it.

thanks for the share paloma and i hope that you and the fairies are enjoying the slower pace. especially at story time~!


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