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September 10, 2013


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What a very sweet gift! It can be a lot of fun restoring these vintage machines to working order. Hunting parts is the best fun! Good Luck


In regards to the belt. Make sure you get a good one that it is solid piece of round leather with a staple. You put it on and then cut it so that the two ends just meet and then push the staple through to hold it together. You need it to be a good quality one so that it doesn't stretch too much. You may have to adjust it after 6 months of use.
I am in Australia and got mine from Italy but you might find one closer to home.
I hope you have lots of luck with this machine, they are truly wonderful to sew on.


It sure will be fun SonJa!!
Thanks for the tips on the belt Mhairi. Hopefully I'll be able to find a decent belt around here since everything old fashion items are easy to find. I'll keep in mind that it will stretch.

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